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Genesis 'Q' Spray Booth


Dalby Genesis Q Booth

The Genesis Q booth has evolved into one of the best examples of a modern spray booth that delivers the refinement, reliability and performance levels required by today’s repairer.The Genesis Q booth is an advanced high specification spray booth/oven unit purposely designed for high volume repairers and modern water based paint systems.

Available with either a rear extraction chest and tunnel air movement or as a full down draught booth with gridded extraction pit. This modern booth boasts powerful centrifugal fans and a fully modulating gas burner to deliver enhanced levels of airflow and excellent uniformity of temperature through the whole booth cabin.

To maximise available workshop floor space the booth plant is neatly mounted on top of the rear extraction chest or at the side of the cabin for pit extraction booths. The spacious booth cabin incorporates 3m wide, three leaf vehicle entry doors for improved access.

With economy in mind the Genesis Q booth can substantially reduce operational running costs with the innovative Dalby EcoSave – Energy Saving Mode. As a standard feature the EcoSave system constantly monitors activity inside the booth during spray modes and automatically switches the booth into Energy Saving Mode during inactive periods.

Efficient fully modulated gas burners provide uniform air temperatures during all modes of operation. Instantaneous mode selection is achieved with fast action pneumatic controls dampers which permit continuous booth operation when switching between cycles. Coupled with fast air movement and our user friendly “Press & Go” control system with built in Flash Off mode the Genesis Q booth reduces flash off times for water based paints. 

  • Tunnel airflow with rear chest extraction (pit extraction also available
  • 7m x 4m x 2.5m high spacious booth cabin
  • Push & Go control system
  • EcoSave – energy saving mode
  • Flash off mode for water based paints
  • 1300 lux light level
  • 20,000 m3 /hr airflow 

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