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Dalby have heavily invested in developing LED lighting for spraybooth application where high light levels of diffused light are paramount, we can therefore offer a series of light box incorporating a series of LED boards.

The main benefit of LED lighting is significantly lower power consumption, with typical power savings in excess of 50%. In addition LED lighting has a much longer life span leading to very low on going maintenance costs.

Dalby LED light boxes are mounted at corner roof level, and shine through our unique, laser cut, light shaping diffuser to provide a diffused light inside the booth, so that operatives do not see the individual LEDs with associated 'spotting' on the retina.

The LED lights will provide an average illumination level of 1300 lux, whilst providing an energy saving of typically 50% compared to fluorescents.

• 50% less power consumption than fluorescent lighting
• Reducing your company's carbon footprint
• Longer life thus reducing your booth down time and maintenance costs
• Quality of light, no blackening around the tube ends as with fluorescent
• Designed specifically for Dalby Energy Efficient Spraybooths
• Minimal light output deterioration with time
• Integrated high efficiency diffuser to minimise LED ‘spotting’ and shadowing
• Adjustable output 0-1500lux
• Superior colour rendering index
• Instant start- no warm up time
• Retrofit able to older Spraybooths

• For more details or to request a quotation please contact us  
• Retrofit to older Spraybooths


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