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Dalby Spraybooth Management System (SMS)


Over many years Dalby has designed and developed the SMS control panel to reflect the changing market trends and industry demands each business faces. Fast efficient information is vital to provide up to the second details on process time, air movement and filter condition.

The benefit is improved economy and performance in all modes of operation. As well as increased productivity and consistency of quality finish.

The SMS control system is simple to use “Push & Go” button that allows the most efficient operating conditions during all modes of operation

SMS advanced panel features vital information such as extract and input filter change reminders, fault diagnostics and air temperature


SMS will provide the following features:

  • Operational mode switching: Off / Spray / Flash Off / Bake
  • Temperature readout on Spray mode
  • Temperature readout on Flash off Mode
  • Temperature readout on Bake mode
  • Automatic cool down to Spray temperature set point after bake cycle is complete
  • Process cycle time control with automatic switching between modes
  • Light Switching
  • Total hours run indication
  • Cabin pressure monitoring & readout
  • Automatic cabin pressure balancing
  • Automatic shutdown and audible alarm if the booth becomes over pressurised in the spray cycle.
  • Shut off valve on the compressed air supply, should the booth become over pressurised.
  • Input filter monitoring and renewal indication
  • Extract filter monitoring and renewal indication
  • High level function indication lamps for mode operation and fault indication
  • Visual warning when the booth requires servicing
  • Full diagnostic system for plant and field components to simplify fault finding

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