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Aqua Dry

Dalby Advanced Aqua-Dry Flash Off System
·         6 minute Flash Off Cycle for most Water Based Paints
·         Adjustable Directional Accelerator Nozzles
·         Nozzles located in “Clean Zone” for Ultra-Clean Operation
·         Covers a Complete Vehicle in One Cycle
·         Electrically Driven Fans – No Compressed Air Required
·         Adjustable Process Time & Air Temperature
·         Low Running Costs

Cost Effective System

The Dalby Advanced Aqua-Dry Flash Off system dramatically reduces process times, offers reduced running costs & maximises potential productivity for your bodyshop. Our flexible design approach permits this Cost Effective System to be installed into any new Dalby Genesis booth or retrospectively into any other booth.

Leading paint suppliers agree that the airflow of a booth alone is not sufficient to effectively flash off compliant coatings & water based paint. To successfully reduce flash off times ALL spray booths would benefit from the installation of a supplementary “blower” system such as the Dalby Aqua-Dry Flash Off System.  Dalby have developed the much respected Dalby Advanced Aqua-Dry Flash Off System to provide an Effective Flash Off Mode for optimum process times and maximum productivity. Coupled with a controlled increase in air temperature the turbulent airflow around the painted surfaces substantially reduces flash off and bake times for all water based paints & compliant coatings. Our extensive program of research and development has shown most water based paints to fully flash off in 6-7 minutes and bake times reduced by up to 30% when used with the Dalby Advanced Aqua-Dry Flash Off System.


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