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Located in Bracknell, Mulgari Automotive is a state-of-the-art workshop which specialises in high end, bespoke finishing of the most sort after performance vehicles.  Mulgari, home of the ICON1 and ICON2 offers their clients a tailor-made service that exceeds the highest of standards.

Working directly with Mulgari, Dalby Engineering set out to identify the needs of this prestigious company.  As Mulgari specialise in both customisation and restoration projects, the need for the quality was at the heart of every decision.

With quality and performance being the driving force, the Genesis Hi-Air spraybooth was chosen. Manufactured entirely in UK and measuring 7m x 4m x 2.5m meters the Genesis Hi-Air offers a full down draught air movement via its full ceiling plenum.  With an air capacity of 25,000m3/Hr the Genesis Hi-Air allows Mulgari to offer their clients the very best of finishes.

For added performance Dalby’s unique EcoSave system was chosen.  This unique technology automatically switches the booth between Spray Mode and an energy saving recirculation mode when spraying operations are not taking place.  The Intelligent Dalby control system continues to monitor activity inside the booth and automatically switches the plant back into spray mode once spraying operations have commenced.

With a high-end finish being paramount, Mulgari upgraded their booth with Dalby’s advanced Aqua-Dry system.  This upgrade can reduce the flash off time for water based coatings by as much as 70%, providing real time savings of up to 25 minutes per application.  The system comprises of a series of blowers which draw in air from within the booth and blow it at high velocity over the vehicle through directional nozzles.  To ensure excellent vehicle coverage, twelve blowers were installed, six on each side.

To help ease the pressure on floorspace within this busy bodyshop, the Booth plant was roof mounted allowing the space to be used for a paint mixing room. Constructed with double skin galvanised steel panels and insulated to give rigidity, the Dalby Paint Mixing room was installed with both inner and outer skins, pre-finished in white polyester.

Alan Rob, General Manager says  “Perfection runs through everything we do, and the forgotten art of paint refinishing and repairs is no exception. We believe that painting a car is another step towards it becoming a thing of beauty. This is achieved thanks to over 20 years experience coupled with great care and attention to detail, from the very first steps of preparation through to the final finish”

Paul Knight, National Sales Manager at Dalby Engineering commented “It was a privilege to work with a customer who is so  passionate about quality.  Mulgari , offer bespoke services to its varied client base, but every service is based upon the principle of quality.

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